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Why Choose Pool Safety Fencing?

It’s simple. We offer the safest and most secure Pool Fences in Arizona!

“You wouldn’t own a car without a seat-belt, don’t own a pool without a fence!”

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Welcome to Pool Safety Fencing of Arizona

We are Arizona’s Top Rated Pool Safety Fencing Provider, We offer Pool Fencing with one purpose in mind – toddler and child safety! Did you know that just this year alone (2016) there has been 152 drowning incidents in Maricopa County, Arizona alone? Most of these deaths were toddlers who’s parents either did not have fencing already installed around their pool or they left a door or gate open or the child unattended.

Our mission here at Pool Safety Fencing of Arizona is to make sure Parents and Businesses realize that having a properly designed and constructed pool fence can and will save lives. To be clear, our intention is not to scare anyone. Our intention is to state the facts and provide a solution so you, your family, your guests or even your customers can have peace of mind and fun in your pool!

pool drowning facts az

Did you know?

  • Drowning is the second leading cause of death in children under the age of 15
  • The majority of drowning incidents have occurred while the child’s supervisor assumed the child was safely indoors
  • More than half of all drowning incidents occur in backyard swimming pools or spas that do not have proper pool covers or pool fences

Why should I have a pool fence in Arizona?


Simple. To prevent drownings. If you have young children you should always have a pool fence. No excuses. With children dying every year due to drownings it’s just not worth the risk. Period. The rule of thumb is if your moving into a home that has no pool fence or if your building a pool — and you have kids — make sure you have a pool fence to protect the what ifs and any possibilities of a drowning.

Now aside from the obvious, pool fences can be visually appealing and safe at the same time. We offer a diverse selection of pool fence materials and designs to choose from. Whatever your current or future pool layout is or going to be, let us know and we can find a way to make your pool area SAFE and appealing to your family and your guests!

OK got it, but is it really worth having a pool fence?

I don’t think you got it. Again, if you have kids, YES. If you have or plan on having guest or friends or family come over that have children, then YES. The only reason we wouldn’t push someone getting a pool safety fence is if they were all adults and never planned on having any children visit the home or the pool. If you fit in that category then don’t worry about getting a pool fence.

OK...but my pool was already expensive enough as is. I really don't want to fork up more money for a pool fence.

Listen, we can’t control or enforce you to get a pool fence. If your on this site, then it’s pretty obvious you already know the possible consequence in not having a pool fence and the awful thought of what could happen. Are advice is this. Be smart, not stupid. This is an investment that will pay for itself by possibly saving a life. Why not eliminate all fears and worry plus be able to accommodate not only your family but all your guests for the many years to come.

Touché. OK then, How much does a pool fence cost?

Smart. Now you’re thinking. A Pool Safety Fence cost depends merely on the size of the fence and material you choose to use.

If your fence requires long lengths, or you requires extra height, remember this will mean more material being used and longer labor time to install it.

As for Pool Fence Material, we simply categorize it as follows:

Iron Fencing

iron pool fence AZ

Costly, but by far the most elegant and classy looking.

Mesh Fencing

Costly, less expensive than Iron, the least bulky and removable.

Pool Netting

Affordable but not fully child proof. Still a good option than no fence.

No matter what you choose a pool fence won’t be a ‘cheap’ thing to get installed. But there are ways to customize the fence that can fit a pricing to your liking.

Honestly we recommend a free on-site visit to asses the property and pool area. This is the safest best to get an accurate quote and helps give us an idea on exactly what we are dealing with.

OK... but you still didn't give me an estimated price.

Again, it’s almost impossible to give a estimate on a pool fence unless we come out and look at the property. As much as we would love to have some sort of price chart online, it’s just not realistic. Every job varies, depending on the size of the fence and chosen materials plus labor that will be involved.

Again your best bet is to give us a call @ 480-771-8026 and schedule a free on-site visit or fill our our Pool Fence Estimate form above!

What cities in Arizona do you guys service for pool fences?

Great question. We cover pretty much every city in the Phoenix Arizona Valley. Basically our rule of thumb is a 90 mile radius around Sky Harbor Airport. Simply put we cover almost every city in the Valley.

Can you be a little more specific?

You bet. Below are a list of our most popular cities we service with some quick stats as well.

Phoenix is a ridiculously large yet beautiful city. It’s actually one of the most heavily populated cities in the entire Arizona Valley (1.5 million people actually) which means many, many pools. There are a ton of pools in Phoenix that have no pool fences installed still to this day. If you are one of those residents that has a pool with no fence and has children, please contact us for all your Phoenix Pool Fence needs! Just a reminder, Phoenix had 72 drowning incidents so far in 2016 alone.

Learn More About Pool Fences in Phoenix.

Glendale is another beautiful city we love to work in. Heavily populated, it to also carries with it many homes with defenseless pools. Hosting city of the Arizona Cardinals and with over 234,000 people, there is also the undeniable risk of pool drownings in Glendale. So please be smart and protect your children and your guests children. There have been 6 drowning incidents in 2016 so far in this large city.

Learn More About Pool Fences in Glendale

Man do we love Gilbert! The city is still growing very rapidly to this day, but more importantly it’s growing largely with young families. (229,000 people) As we know the temperatures here in Arizona get hot. And with that comes pools. And with that comes children swimming in the pools. Please, please, please, if you live in Gilbert Arizona and have a pool and have children or guests, let us give you peace of mind and help you install a visually stunning and safe pool fence that caters towards your need and budget.

Learn More About Pool Fences in Gilbert

Chandler is also a wonderful and thriving city to live in. With that comes many pools and parties as well. Coming in at 249,000 residents, there are many children and pools to be protected. We love the old and newer style Chandler homes and pools to work with. So don’t you fear. If you have an existing old pool fence or just need a new pool fence in Chandler, let us create a design a safe fence for your pool and your family.

Learn More About Pool Fences in Chandler

Man on man do we love Mesa, Arizona! Full of rich history, homes, style and pools. We love helping all our Mesa residents get their pools protected safely by our pool fences, and with style mind you. With the city population of Mesa at 457,000 people, there is a big demand to protect children from drowning in pools. So if you live in Mesa, AZ and need a pool fence, look no further. We specialize in designing and installing pool fences in Mesa like no one else.

Learn More About Pool Fences in Mesa

Scottsdale is by far one of the classiest cities in Arizona. We love the people, the history and the Art. We also love the awesome style of homes and pool design that scatter the entire Scottsdale area. Coming in at 226,000 people, there still is a need to protect children from drowning in water. That’s where we offer the best pool fences in Scottsdale. Safety and security for toddler and children is our number one priority. So if you own a pool in Scottsdale, please reach out to us for all your pool fencing needs. We also promise to keep your back patio still looking classy with our awesome pool fence designs!

Here are some popular Arizona cities we install pool fences for:

Don’t see your city on the list? Like we said earlier, reach out to us. As long as your within 90 miles of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, we can service and install pool fences where you live. 

Call us for any pool fence questions or to request a free quote! 480-771-8026