The Strongest Mesh Pool Fencing Available

No one beats Pool Safety Fencing when it comes to the STRONGEST and most SECURE mesh pool fencing in Arizona.

We use only top grade mesh pool fence fabric and POLES. Why? Because any other brands (usually china made) are simply NOT safe. We are one of the very few pool fence builders in Arizona who offers a strong, long lasting mesh pool fence.

To prove our point, a Three-Pulley Comparison Test was done of Mesh Pool Fence Poles. This test is easily repeatable, the most consistent, and most accurate method available.

​First up – we are going to show you some basic artwork of 3 HOLLOW aluminum poles that are used by MOST pool fencing companies.

As you can see, each mesh pool fence pole has a different interior pool support design in the pole.

Comparison of inserted poles into the ground to simulate force of something or someone pushing up against it. They were pushed each pole to it’s limit until it broke.

Parallel Core

X-Pole Core

Y-Pole Core

Above are the results based on the pounds of pressure required to snap the pole, causing the pool fence to collapse!

​It’s safe to say (or should we say not safe) that HOLLOW aluminum poles are NOT SAFE to use around your pool, especially for the safety of children, friends and family!

The other type of pool fence poles are fiberglass poles.

  • Honeycomb Fiberglass Pole – a hollow fiberglass pole reinforced by a fiberglass webbing.
  • Fiberglass Pole with Core – fiber glass insert that only goes in several inches from the base of the pole, the remainder of the pole stays hollow.

Both these poles also shed fiberglass, especially when touched we noticed fiberglass got stuck in our hands. This is not safe for you or children if they touch the poles. Fiberglass splinters are not good!

Honeycomb Fiberglass

Honeycomb CORE

The honeycomb fiberglass pool fence pole performed awful in our strength testing while the fiberglass with core out performed all the other test we conducted from our pool fence competitors.

One thing to note that upon breaking the pool pole literally shattered with fiberglass splinter and parts – this is extremely dangerous around little children and even near the pool water.

So Why Our Mesh Pool Fences?

Here is the product we use to support the pool fencing:

  • Aluminum Solid Core – 1/8 inch aluminum wall made with aircraft grade aluminum, with a solid 1/2 inch metal insert reinforced with a shock absorbing PVC sleeve. 

Please note that fiberglass is NOT used in our Solid Pool Fence Poles!!

Comparison of the Aluminum Solid Performance pole VS Fiberglass with Core Pole:

Aluminum Solid Core
​EXCEEDED 100lbs

Fiberglass Solid Core
Failed 85lbs

The aluminum pole was unable to snap, bit did bend – which in any case will keep the pool fence up and still protecting even if for some reason there is more that 100 lbs of force applied to the pool fence.

The fiberglass pole with a core again snapped at 85 lbs of pressure, spraying fiberglass slivers and pieces all over the ground and pool area in addition to completely falling over – causing a failure in pool fence support.
Another thing to note, especially in the Arizona Heat and Sun is Fiberglass poles deteriorate over time. To prove our point we took both poles that had been used for over 3+ years in the Arizona heat.

As you can see, the Aluminum Solid Pool Fence Pole remained unchanged, while the Fiberglass with Core saw a dramatic change in fail pressure at 57.1 lbs,

As a final test on pole strength the two pool fencing poles were put on a machine that had no ‘human element’ involved in the testing procedure. (Aluminum Core Pool Fence Pole above, below it is the Fiberglass Core Pole)

Aluminum Core Pole easily outmatched the competition.

Aluminum Solid Core
Maximum Resistance

Fiberglass Solid Core
Maximum Resistance

As you can see the aluminum solid pole resisted 1690 lbs of pressure on this particular test while the fiberglass pole maxed out at 470 lbs of pressure.

To conclude, nothing can beat a Aluminum Solid Pool Fence Pole – the clear winner in Pool Fencing Support.

​DO NOT risk going with a cheaper price / pool fence. It’s simply not worth it for the safety of kids and guests.

​Also – don’t let our competitors talk you out of it or say it doesn’t matter! The proof is in the pudding!

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