Pool Fence Good Year, AZ

Importance of Pool Fences in Good Year, AZ

The main reason why pool fence in Goodyear, AZ is important is because it can lessen the risk of drowning. Based on a report, more than 3,000 people drown in a non-boating related accident each year and one in five children is younger than fourteen years old.

Based on a reliable source, one of the best ways to avoid this is through surrounding your pool with a pool fence. This recommendation might be a bit confusing, yet it is referring to the special fence that separates pool from your home in comparison to the fence around your backyard.

Majority of the pool fences are temporary and these take the form of anchored posts to the pool deck with some flexible screen between posts. Typically, such pool fences have metal bottom rail, which runs between posts to keep the kid from crawling beneath them. It should have a gate that closes through an eye-style lash and hook. It’s a kind of fencing that you may install, yet it is still a better and wiser idea to let experts like Pool Safety Fencing do the job for you when it comes to pool fence Goodyear, AZ.

Permanent Pool Fencing is a Good Idea

Permanent pool fence systems have a lot of benefits compared to the temporary fences, yet the most important things about such fences are the safety advantages they offer and these include the following:

  • Better Durability – Rather than being made of mesh or plastic screen, permanent pool fences are made of materials that are sturdier like metal or wood. Such are stronger than the temporary pool fences.
  • Ability to Add Padlock – It is possible to lock sturdy permanent pool fence latch with the use of a padlock, which is beneficial during the period when kids cannot be trusted to swim without supervision, yet has grow to the point that they could quickly operate the latch.
  • More Substantial Latches – Since there’s more post for latch to bolt, the gate latches on permanent pool fencing systems can be much sturdier. Most pool fence systems also provide self-latching latches, which close gate securely when nobody’s holding them open and that can be opened only through reaching over the fence.

All of the features are quite standard across the different kinds of pool fencing. At first, it might seem a challenge to select between them. But, selecting the right fence that will keep your children safe and something that would complement your backyard is simpler once you consider the features you will need. If you’re having a hard time choosing the right one for your needs, let Pool Safety Fencing help you with your preferred pool fence Goodyear, AZ.

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A Little Info About Good Year, AZ

Goodyear is a beautiful city in Maricopa County, AZ. It’s actually a Phoenix suburb and located in Phoenix metropolitan area. Based on 2010 census, the city population is 65,275.

It was the 3rd fastest growing community among all towns and cities in Arizona. 

Goodyear is also the home to Goodyear Ballpark where Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians of MLB practice their training during spring time.