Pool Safety Fencing is Pool Barrier of Arizona. We use the “Pool Safety Fencing” name for online marketing purposes.

We are Licensed, Bonded, Insured.

We operate under our business name: POOL BARRIER OF ARIZONA

Rest assured we have all the requirements needed to install your pool fence with peace of mind. We guarantee your work and promise you complete satisfaction from the beginning to end of installation!

Pool Fence costs vary depending on the size of pool that needs to be protected, material used, terrain type and labor. It’s almost impossible to give a quote unless we come to your home and give you a no-obligation free estimate!

If you have any young children living in the home or that will be visiting, absolutely yes! It’s not worth the risk of a child’s life!

No. We do recommend having those installed as an extra layer of protection, but if the child or someone manages to leave it unlocked, and you have no pool fence, again your risking a child drowning!

Depends on the type of pool fence and the terrain and size of your pool. Mesh pool fences we can usually install in a day or two. Iron and Pool fences require more time due to the material and customization of the fencing.

We recommend clicking here for a free on-site estimate to give you an accurate timeline!

Pool Fences vary between 3 to 5 feet high. We recommend for most toddler that you go with at least a 4 foot high pool fence. A child capable of climbing a 4 or even 5 foot pool fence should already well be into knowing how to swim.

Pool Fence Poles provide the support and tension required for the pool fencing. 36 inches is the farthest your pool poles should be apart. (mesh fencing).

Polyester with vinyl coating is the mos reliable pool fencing material. The woven construction of the mesh is the strongest option for reliability and safety. Vinyl coatings are applies to resist miles and allow for easy cleaning, unlike non coated fences that will trap moisture and dirt. Our newest fencing allows punctures and are impossible for any adult to rip.

Yes. Not only does this proved a great looking finished look, it prevents any unraveling of the mesh fence fabric.