Pool Fence Buckeye, AZ

Importance of Pool Fences in Buckeye, AZ

The first and probably most important reason to install pool fence Buckeye, AZ is to keep kids and pets secure and safe. Based on statistics, drowning is actually the second major cause of fatality for kids below 14 years of age. What is more saddening is the fact that most of these drowning accidents took place right in their own backyard swimming pool. It is not a secret that young kids are inquisitive by nature without any sense of impending danger.

When your pool is unfenced, it will only be natural for kids to wander near it and fall in by accident. They might be thinking about how fun it is to be in the pool or they might be lured in by the water. After all, most kids love water. Sadly, it just takes several seconds for small kids to drown.

Meanwhile, most animals also have a natural instinct to swim. There are also some that don’t so they might fall or jump and drown as a result.

One more advantage of pool fence Buckeye, AZ is that this is very easy and simple to maintain after you have installed it. You only need to do a routinely check that the gate shuts and locks properly. You also have to ensure that no one tried gaining access so look for any cut holes in the fence.
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A Little Info About Buckeye, AZ

Buckeye is Maricopa County’s city and is Phoenix metropolitan area’s westernmost suburb. In 2015, its population was recorded at 62,582. This is also among the fastest growing cities in the United States I year 2016, ranking on the 7th place.

Malin M. Jackson, an early settler, created 16km or 10 miles of Buckeye Canal from years 1884 until 1886. He named this after the moniker of his home state Ohio, The Buckeye State. It was in 1888 when the town was originally founded and called Sidney, after the Ohio hometown of Jackson. But, due to the canal’s significance, the town was later called Buckeye. It was in 1910 when the name legally became Buckeye. It became incorporated in 1992 and during that time, it has 440 acres. The first mayor of the town, Hugh M. Watson, founded Buckeye Valley Bank. Watson Road is currently the site of the commercial center of the city.

Its short but interesting history is one of the many reasons why more and more people choose to settle and live in Buckeye. For properties in the area with swimming pools, a pool fence Buckeye, AZ is a good option, especially when you let Pool Safety Fencing do the job.

With the installation of pool fences, you are basically ensuring that the pool area has been completely enclosed. It doesn’t matter if you have an in ground or above ground pool as both must be fenced off properly. There must be just a single gate that will lead to the pool area, and the lock must be placed high enough to keep it out of children’s reach. You can even choose to have a gate alarm installed on the fence gate to offer more protection.