Arizona Pool Safety Covers

Not a fan of fences? No problem. We offer a great solution to keeping your children and guests safe. Pool Safety Covers are remarkably safe and affordable and preventing pool drownings and accidents. Our pool covers can support children and adults that walk on them and are your best bet at preventing deaths instead of ignoring safety all together.

Our pool covers come in two types:

Solid Pool Cover

  • These pool covers offers a very clean and flat look.
  • They are extremely safe and also prevent and outside debris from falling in your pool.
  • Its very secure and classy, but most importantly it is very safe at keeping children from drowning.

We highly recommend our solid pool covers for safety and pool cleanliness.

Netted Pool Cover

  • These covers are the most affordable pool safety solution and still look great. They offer complete protection from pool accidents or fall ins.
  • Pool Net Covers are not solid. It is a stretched netting that span across the entire pool or spa areas. It will still catch a child and prevent accidents.
  • Pool Netting does not prevent debris litter. As it is netting you will still have to maintain your pool cleanliness and clean out debris or dirt as its not completely protected from the elements.

Pool Net Covers are still an excellent solution to pool owners who are not fond of fences but are responsible in preventing drownings.

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