Pool Fence Fountain Hills, AZ

Importance of Pool Fences in Fountain Hills, AZ

Keeping your kids safe from the dangers that pools present is very essential. Along with the enjoyment comes the responsibility to ensure that the pool is safe, not just for immediate family, but also for your neighbors and friends. The leading cause of death, particularly to children with ages 1-4, is accidental drowning. It’s considered as second leading cause of death in kids up to 14 years of age. So, if you’re a pool owner, you must establish rules and always have safeguards in place to ensure pool safety for children.

Nobody can prevent accidents, yet you may take some steps to mitigate risks. Even though your state doesn’t have particular legal requirements for the pool owners, you might be vulnerable to negligence lawsuit if somebody gets hurt. You may consider your pool to be a great luxury, yet in the eyes of the law, it’s actually an attractive nuisance. This just means that you should do your best to prevent uninvited kids from gaining access.

Features of the Best Pool Fence
Fence enclosures are your best and first barrier to uninvited kids. These don’t matter whether you select chain link, wood or ornamental aluminum pool fence as long as these comply with the sensible safety guidelines.
A pool fence must not be near structures which kids could use for climbing over it. It must be of 4 ft high or meet the local height requirements. Horizontal pieces must be on the inside to avoid climbing. The space in between the vertical pieces must not exceed 4 inches. Gates must be securely latched from the inside and self-closing.

If you think putting a pool cover is enough to keep kids safe, better think twice because it’s not the case. There have been some reported cases of kids drowning on top of the pool covers. With a reliable safety pool fence Fountain Hills, AZ from Pool Safety Fencing, you can be assured that you will enjoy peace of mind the entire year.

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A Little Info About Fountain Hills, AZ

Fountain Hills is basically a town in Maricopa County, AZ. It is known for its magnificent fountain, which was once considered as the tallest across the globe. It borders Scottsdale, AZ, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, as well as Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation. In 2010 census, the town’s population is 22,489. Among the towns and cities in Arizona, it was the 8th fastest growing community.

Fountain Hills, AZ was developed by the president of McCulloch Oil, C.V. Wood and it was named after the fountain that was made at the heart of the town. In year 1989, the town incorporated its name.

In terms of the weather, Fountain Hills is an area with a big amount of sunshine year round because of its high pressure and stable descending air. On climate maps, the town is abbreviated in ‘Bwh’, which is known for its mild desert climate. That is the reason why there’s no doubt that most homeowners here have their own pools to keep them cool during warm days. With this in mind, it is important to use pool fence Fountain Hills, AZ.