Pool Fence Desert Hills, AZ

Importance of Pool Fences in Desert Hills, AZ

 If you have plans to have a new pool in your home, pool safety should always be your priority. Pool fence Desert Hills, AZ is not just something nice to have as there are many other reasons to get one.
  • Pool Safety

The first ever reason to install pool fence Desert Hills, AZ from Pool Safety Fencing is to ensure the safety of your family and pets. Thousands of tragic deaths were due to drowning in pools. Statistics revealed that two kids drown somewhere in the US every day annually, and these numbers get bigger during summer. Pool fences can stop kids from getting access to the pool unsupervised and keep them safe from untoward incidents.

  • Peace of Mind

Pool fences give you peace of mind since you know that the stuff you have in your pool will always remain there, and those that don’t belong will stay out. With your pool being clearly marked, there is no need to worry about disasters or stepping on things during winter.

  • Protect Your Pets

Aside from protecting your kids, keeping your pets protected is also an essential aspect of installing a pool fence. When pets don’t stay away from the pool, a dangerous dip in the pool could lead to a tragic accident. It is specifically important if your pets don’t know how to swim and they cannot get out of your pool after they fell into it, such as rabbits or cats.

It doesn’t matter if you like to have a new fence installed around your pool, or you want to fix your existing one. Pool Safety Fencing has all the experience and expertise required to deliver quality pool fence Desert Hills, AZ. We also offer competitive prices, top of the line products, combined with the most professional service you could ever find in the area.

We take great pride in offering something that all property owners can surely enjoy and take advantage of. Your pool is a great addition to your home which makes it a must to make sure that it will only be a source of fun and enjoyment, and not of stress and risks to you, your family, and your guests.

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A Little Info About Desert Hills, AZ

During the middle part of 1950s, Phoenix’s Lee Ackerman Investment Company promoted the area of Desert Hills promoted the place which, back then, doesn’t have electricity, water, or human inhabitation at all.

The land has been surveyed and they marked off 5 or 10 acre parcels. Primitive roads were then bladed through the desert. Parcels were then marketed using heavy advertising as well as high pressure sales practices.

​The parcels were then sold for 10% down with 10-year contract. These parcels were not considered habitable sites for homes and instead, they were deemed long term land investments.

​Fast forward to 60 years, a relatively healthy community has boomed. From years 2010 to 2014, Desert Hills has an overall population of 2,508. Pool Safety Fencing caters to this population of homeowners who need quality pool fence Desert Hills, AZ.