Pool Fence Mesa, AZ

Importance of Pool Fences in Mesa, AZ

Your swimming pool is a place to be during summer time. Most of you enjoy the easy access to the pool and you do not think a pool fence would match with the aesthetic of your backyard. But, if you have kids, installing proper fences is very important. It is estimated that over 350 kids under five years of age drown in the pool each year. The safety of your child and the kids of your neighborhood is the primary reason why you should consider pool fence.

The safety of your kids is the primary reason why you must consider pool fencing. As a pool owner, you are responsible for the construction and maintenance of your pool fence. Arizona has particular codes when it comes to pool enclosures and fences. You must be aware of these if you don’t want to end up facing some problems in the end.

Selecting the Right Pool Fence Mesa, AZ for Your Needs

Pool fences will be the focal point of your backyard. That is why you would want it to not just comply with the laws of Arizona, but also to look more appealing and attractive. There are various options you can choose from and these include the following:

  • Latticework Fence – If you have chosen this, the holes must be small enough to make it hard for your kids to climb the fence.
  • Vertical Slats – You should take spacing between slats into consideration. There must be enough room for kids to slide their foot or body through the pool fence. A kid might slide easily between slats and may use horizontal members to scale the pool fence.
  • Chain Link Pool Fence – The space in between the links must be narrow enough that it makes it hard for your kid to scale the pool fence. If you select this kind of fence, consider the weaving vertical slats through the chain links. Such slats will make it much harder for your kids to climb over the pool fence.

There are other pool fence options available. If you have some questions, don’t forget to ask your hired contractor. Complying with the all the laws of Arizona regarding pool fence is essential. That is why pool fencing isn’t a DIY project. With the assistance of the best professionals like Pool Safety Fencing, you can be sure that your investment on pool fence Mesa, AZ is in good hands.

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A Little Info About Mesa, AZ

Situated in Maricopa County and only fifteen miles east Phoenix, Mesa basically covers 132 sq mi, which is the 3rd biggest city in Arizona and 6th biggest city in US.

The city offers the benefits of a thriving metropolis, yet it maintains the feel of suburban environment. With business, educational, and dynamic recreational opportunities, Mesa has various amenities to offer and these include some parks where you can enjoy fresh air while walking.

​There are also some sports facilities, high-end golf courses, and different community festivals and special events.