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How to Make Your Swimming Pool Summer-Ready?

The summer season is in full swing and that means spending lots of time in the water for those people who are lucky enough to have a swimming pool. However, in your enthusiasm to jump into the water, don’t forget swimming pool safety.

Swimming pool safety fencing protects your family, particularly small children and pets, from accidentally entering the water and putting themselves in danger. If you haven’t already done so, it is important that you install a fence correctly around your swimming pool.

Ensure a Firm Footing

Many of you may already have mesh pool fences that you took down for the winter season. If you do, it is a good idea to take them out and erect them again. However, first, you need to check the footing of the fence. The poles of the fence will be placed through holes made in the ground. You should properly inspect these holes to see if they are cracked and if they will be able to support the weight of the pole. If you forgot to cover the holes with deck plugs, make sure to remove all the debris from the holes, and then place the poles inside for a firm footing. 

Inspect the Fence Poles

Make sure the fence poles are not damaged in any way as well or else they will not be able to support the fence. At Pool Safety Fencing, we use only the best material to make fence poles. This means there is a low risk of the fence cracking or bending. However, you should still inspect them for any bending or damage before inserting them into the holes.

Check Your Fence Mesh for Damage

Make sure that the mesh fabric is firmly attached to the poles and is flexible. If you see any ripped seams, tears, or brittle mesh wires, you will need to get them repaired or have the whole fabric replaced. Thoroughly check your pool fence for any damage before erecting it, particularly if you own dogs, cats, or any other outdoor pet with sharp claws or teeth.

Check Gate Function

Make sure that the fence gates open smoothly and easily outwards from the swimming pool. It should also have a locking mechanism that will allow you to lock the swimming area when it is not in use. This way a small child won’t be able to slip inside when you are not looking. If the fence has a key lock, make sure it is kept lubricated to protect the inner mechanism and allow easy turning of the key.

Keep Your Fence Clean

Keeping your fence clean is important for its maintenance and it should be done at the start of every season and whenever it is needed afterward. Just take some mild soap, warm water, and a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the mesh clean on both sides. Rinse the mesh and you will help your fence have a long life.

Swimming pool fences and covers can stop a preventable tragedy from happening in your family. If you do not have a safety fence for your swimming pool, it is important you get one today. Reach out to us at Pool Safety Fencing.