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5 Ways To Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Swimming in the pools is a treat, especially during the scorching summer days. However, to ensure that the experience does not falter, knowing how to maintain your swimming pools properly is integral. Different elements of the swimming pool must be looked after and cleaned weekly at least. Check out the Pools Safety Fencing website for more information on pool maintenance and safety.

We have put together a brief list of all you need to do to ensure your pool is clean and ready for your next swim.

1. Pool Water

This seems like an obvious one because how clean your water is crucial to your swimming experience. Make sure you do a weekly cleaning of your pool to get rid of any dirt, contaminants, or pollutants because the last thing you want is for people to get any sort of allergy reaction from the water. But also, keeping the water clean will help ensure there is no future corrosion, ultimately increasing the longevity of your pool.

2. Pool Interior

The walls and the ground of your pool are just as important as the pool water, if not more. You must ensure you sometimes empty the entire pool and clean the walls properly. And every week, you can brush the pool walls and the ladders. Because by keeping the walls of the pool clean, you are protecting your pool from any algae, debris, or mold, which essentially can make your pool unsafe and bring in extra costs for repairing the pool.

3. Water Chemical Balance

Water can bring in many unwanted organic matters, dirt, or bacteria; one way to ensure your pool is safe from this is to add the necessary chemicals, keeping in mind the directions provided by your manufacturer. These chemicals are vital because they disinfect your water and sanitize it. You must add the chemicals to your swimming pools daily and test the balance of chemicals.

4. Shocking the Pool

Once you have added chemicals to your pool, shocking the water is a critical step because chemicals like chlorine cause eye irritation or foul odor. The shock step minimizes these issues. You can use chemicals that have shockers within them, but if you don’t, we recommend you invest in shocking products because you should not miss out on this.

5. Cleaning Skimmers

If you use pool skimmer nets, you must also ensure that you regularly clean them, even though they are mainly used to catch anything on the water’s surface. Because for skimmers to effectively remove any dirt from the swimming pool, they must also be cleaned regularly to remove any previous debris and check it before skimming the surface.


Swimming pools are high maintenance, so if you have a swimming pool in your house, you must know your responsibility for making the pool a safe space for people by regularly cleaning the pool and maintaining the entire area well. There are many other ways to protect your swimming pools, like pool fencing. Head over to Pools Safety Fencing for more details on that.